Share Savings Products

Regular Share (savings) accounts. Dividends(earnings credited to a member’s share account) are paid on the last day of each quarter.

Vacation Clubs are special savings accounts. Members make monthly deposits from June through May. An annual dividend is paid and your vacation club finalizes in the first of June.

Christmas Clubs are also special savings accounts. Monthly deposits are made from October through September. An annual dividend is paid and your Christmas Club finalizes in the beginning of October.

Tax/Insurance Accounts are to assist members with budgeting for quarterly or annual expenses. Works the same as a regular share account. (House/Car Insurance, taxes, etc.)

AGE Accounts; These are set up for specifically for youth as part of our youthsaver’s program. All Marshall county school students are eligible to join and in some schools we have volunteers that regularly schedule a ‘credit union day’ to accept student deposits at that school. This program is set up to teach systematic savings habits and money management skills at an early age.

Share Certificates (Certificates of Deposit) These are available at various terms and rates. Call for more information.

IRA’s: Periodic contributions and Payroll deduction is a great opportunity to begin or add to an IRA account. There is no minimum deposit to open an IRA account. If you want, begin small by contributing as little as $5.00 per pay. It does not take long for your deposits to add up. If you have an existing IRA, annuity, or qualified retirement plan, consider moving it to the credit union to take advantage of our great rates and convenient service!

Share Draft (Checking) Accounts are free of monthly service charges. No minimum balance required and unlimited check writing! While statements will be produced monthly, cancelled checks will not be returned. (Copies of a cancelled check can be requested through the credit union.)

Lending Products

The credit union offers a variety of loans:

Signature Loans are granted on the members promise to repay and the amount granted is based on the member’s ability to repay. Approvals usually take 2 days or less.

Vehicle Loans are available at a variety of rates. To smooth the vehicle process, call ahead and obtain a loan pre-approval! Not only does this give you purchasing power, but we will be glad to provide you with present vehicle values and your trade value!

Special Loans, such as our holiday and vacation loans are available at exceptional rates throughout the year.

Share Secured Loans offer you the advantage of borrowing money at a low rate and not draining your savings. This loan uses your shares as collateral. Please call for rates.

Remote Account Access

Online Banking an easy way to access accounts, check balances, view check copies and transfer money online

24 Hour Account access via our information Line! Dial: 843-5444 and using your account number and a p.i.n. number you can access your savings and checking account information, checks that have cleared, transfer from savings to checking, and request a check withdrawal. It’s free and convenient!

Other Products

VISA Check Cards. These cards offer easy access to your checking without the hassle of writing a check. They act exactly like a credit card, but the funds are extracted from your checking account.

Budget Counseling: This is an informal and confidential interview where we try to help you make sense of your financial chaos. Whether you find yourself in a bind or if you are experiencing a transition in your life (New baby, retirement, changing jobs) this service may be of a benefit to you!